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Ardesko Name Change

Since our first concert in 2007 we've been going by the name Camerata Ardesko. It's a great name but we've found that the word Camerata can be a bit hard for people to remember, so we've decided to drop it. From now on we're known just as ARDESKO!


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OUR WORLD CD artwork winners chosen

Congratulations to Ramiro Piedrabuena who won the international design competition for the Ardesko 'Our World' CD cover. You can view the competition highlights at: Our World finalists.

IL VIOLINO VIRTUOSO Concert series with Lisa Jacobs

In March 2014, Ardesko will give a series of concerts and radio broadcasts with star soloist Lisa Jacobs. More information

Our World CD now available!

Thanks to all the fans who supported the crowdfunding, Ardesko’s first CD ‘Our World’ is now available!

Live radio broadcast

On the 26th of March Ardesko will perform live on Radio4 with Lisa Jacobs in a special broadcast from Groningen. Make sure to tune in between 12.00-14.00.